Getting your cleaning brief right

Getting your cleaning brief right


Getting the right brief – is the foundation for getting the specification right and getting the service you need for your business. So what do you need to cover and what should you be asking – to help you get the right provider for you?

Start with the Scope – what do you need doing?

  1. Walk through the space to review your total space identifying by room any special areas (customer spaces, confidentiality etc.) or specialist cleans needed?
  2. Discuss how often and how many people are needed with the provider?
  3. What needs doing every time and how should other tasks be scheduled?
  4. What is standard in the scope and what are the extras?
  5. Determine if you want office or out of hours service? If out of hours consider access to premises and any security considerations e.g. personnel checks, alarms and key holding.
  6. Do you have any employees with specific allergies or sensitivities?
  7. What is your budget for providing this office service?

Then the providers Specification – what are they offering you?

  1. What is their reputation locally and are they comfortable with you talking to existing customers?
  2. Will they walk through the premises with you and discuss the scope room by room?
  3. Can they arrange additional services like deep cleans, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and other specialist cleans?
  4. Ask them to outline the materials and methods that would be used in each area? What do you have to pay for and how is it costed?
  5. Can they provide other consumables and flowers? What are the costs involved?
  6. Check their credentials in terms of insurances, health and safety and environmental policies?
  7. Is their a manual specifically for your site? Can you see an example?
  8. How and how often is the service reviewed?
  9. How easy is it to get hold of someone if a specific issue arises?
  10. How do they recruit, check, train and treat their team?
  11. Check out whether dedicated people will be assigned to your business so you get to know each other? Will you get a chance to meet them?
  12. Are the people local – also what about no shows, sickness and holiday cover?
  13. If people are being transferred – how do they undertake TUPE transfer making it work for all those involved?
  14. Do they have a business ethos and values that align with your own business?
  15. Does the written quotation meet your needs and clearly show you what you are getting?
  16. Do you want to work with this company – what is your gut telling you?

Cleaning is not complicated but professional office cleaning is a business service that needs to be done properly by the right people. It is different to domestic cleaning requiring the right skill-set and mindset because it is all about your business and the environment you work in. At Hathaway Cleaning Services the above is our starting point so we know we have all the bases covered for you – with a professional service – focused on your business and its needs – at an affordable price.