Getting ready for Spring

Getting ready for Spring

We often have a clearout and thorough clean at home to welcome in the new season – offices could do with the same. Whilst several of our clients  ask us to come in and do a blitz clean; working alongside window and carpet cleaners to welcome in the Spring – this post is not about this. It is more about you and your team preparing and getting the office ready for the spring; and if appropriate, to prepare for your blitz clean.

It might simply be a matter of assigning a series of projects across the business or if things have got a bit out of hand – a team afternoon/ weekend event to have a good clear out!  A few ideas to get you started include:

  1. Firstly, a simple mantra for everyone to look at their own space : KEEP    FIX    RECYCLE   DUMP                                   
  2. In the Kitchen clear out ALL the cupboards especially those tea stained or chipped mugs; plus any old crockery. Then clear out and clean the Fridge making sure you then agree the schedule/ rules for clearing it out regularly.
  3. This is also an opportunity for an office refresh – to get more organised and maybe send someone off to IKEA to buy a few items to cheer up your space – pictures, plants, crockery or even new storage. Or maybe a new set of mugs with team names or your logo on?
  4. Also take a look at what people are storing under their desks and in corridors/ office corners – is everything needed? Can they be stored elsewhere?
  5. Empty out Marketing and Stationery cupboards/ rooms – remove all out of date literature/ stationery/ promotional items. Recycle what you can. Ask people to return items / stores from their desk drawers that they are not using. Make sure it is well organised when you put it back and reflect on what you can learn for future purchasing based on what you find.
  6. Ask for out of date/ broken kit – check all your tech stuff / specialist equipment/ furniture – if it is broken, can it be fixed/ reused? – if yes, get it done. Then look at what you might recycle and off to the tip with the rest.

If you are really brave you could also suggest everyone does a digital spring clean too – to clear out the debris in their inbox and online world.

When you are finished – all you need to do is give us a call to start that blitz clean to the office space, carpets and windows – to put a spring in everyone’s step!

Then someone can go out and buy the daffodils and chocolate biscuits!