Helping our Customers open their businesses back up

As we work our way through these challenging times – we recognise Companies are now planning for reopening their business premises. As health and hygiene take on a new focus –  there is far more emphasis on cleanliness in the workplace and we wanted to include some suggestions to help you adapt – and to keep your environment safe.



Cleaning may not be your main business focus, but it is an important part of the story of returning to the office. It is not only about safety and cleanliness – everyone is going to need to feel they can trust that the workplace is clean, in order to head back to work. To provide this reassurance we are recommending a thorough clean including all major touchpoints prior to your team returning. Some of our clients have already opted for a team of professionals to undertake a deep ‘Fogging’ clean to decontaminate the space.

Getting to grips with your new environment and high traffic touchpoints

Safety needs to be at the heart of your thinking . You can review all the COVID 19 UK Government cleaning guidance online at GOV.UK. To comply we have established our own enhanced procedures but your additional cleaning steps during the day, initiated by your employees, will be the most important.

As part of your Risk Assessment – it is important to track how your office spaces are used and what your key touchpoints with high traffic are.  You then need to get in supplies and enlist support so that you can regularly clean them. The checklist to the right is a guide on the areas to consider.



Identification of COVID-19 potential contamination

Unfortunately, this pandemic is part of our life for 2020 so it is worth being prepared for potential contamination. If you do identify that one of your employees or a visitor to your offices has been diagnosed with or tested for COVID 19 please inform your cleaners immediately. You can refer to the GOV.UK website for support and detailed instructions. As a minimum your offices will require a specialist clean by your Cleaning  Team or a decontamination clean that may include Fogging. We do not undertake this decontamination clean but a local Nuneaton company that does is IC Solutions 24/7 Limited. They can be contacted on 02476 347722.



Business as unusual suggestions

Once people return to the office they will be thinking very differently about the environment, surfaces and equipment around them. At Hathaway’s we have a new role to play in working out how we  enhance our clients cleaning for your safety. However, as suggested, actions during the day as you work and interact with each other, will have a significant impact on cleanliness and employee’s trust levels. A few ideas to help the transition include:

  • Set Up Cleaning Stations. (see above). Your cleaners can provide you with details for purchasing commercial disinfectant and other disposable supplies.
  • Communicate – provide information on your employee and your cleaner ‘safety first’ office cleaning responsibilities in this new environment. Ask for feedback from colleagues on the touchpoints that have the most traffic and which are of the most concern to them.


  • Clear Desk Policy. If you do not already have one in place – consider introducing a clear desk policy – clear desks are much easier to keep clean. If there is a shortage of storage space give each person an archive box to place their work in each evening so that the desk is clear.
  • Focus on Hands – with Sanitizer at entrances to the office, in washrooms and in meeting rooms. Put posters up to remind people of good handwashing techniques and to remind them of personal hygiene standards for coughing and sneezing.
  • Keep it personal – to reduce potential contamination opportunities ask people to keep their own mug on their desk and if appropriate clean their own desk surface.
  • Clear out rubbish regularly – Provide more bins with bin bags within them and set up more regular collections.
  • Communication Support – Experts Gallagher have built the Work Safe Work Smart brand and a suite of free materials to help you land those all-important welcome back messages for employees. The link shares free resources to enhance your employee communication in the office including posters and wall decals to encourage hygiene and cleanliness.

We hope this information is useful. If you need any help from us in preparing for your return or in cleaning your premises local to Stratford upon Avon – do get in touch.